Cansliming | What is Cansliming
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What is Cansliming?


/kan slimiNG/


1.   the act of executing the CAN SLIM methodology.

2.   trading stocks for profit and little loss.

Our Site

Now that we have the actual definition out of the way, Cansliming is a website for people who practice Canslim or are interested in Canslim and want to learn more, read our awesome view on the markets and hopefully chat with each other to help practice Cansliming. One thing that really sets us apart is our EDUCATION pages, we have spent a whole ton of hours making this work well and to ensure that it holds relevant information that is fun and easy to read. We aren’t done though in the future were going to make some videos because all the kiddos just watch videos all day long so we figured why not! But we have to get a camera and things. Also we are compiling the best of Canslim resources, and they are not all IBD! Cansliming aims to be your go to resource for Canslim related information however the web does have some great resources and maybe those resources or styles will help you as well! As always please feel free to email us if you have suggestions or feedback, we will always listen and adjust.


Canslim is a Methodology created by super awesome guy William J Oneil. He has developed Canslim based on years of market analysis, using very early computers he spent a ton of money learning why top Mutual Funds were outperforming their peers and what he found created Canslim. Today William is still running his, now, empire from California happily trading out of the limelight. He currently has many companies that use this system to trade and make money, educate people as well as advising Institutional Investors. Thats right he gives advice to the big boys. He has written a few books they are called How to Make Money in stocks, you can find them HERE. The book has gone through revisions through the years however the message is basically the same.

Canslim is based on listening to the stock market and what it is telling you, it helps you notice when the markets are topping, bottoming and when to get in and out of individual stocks. How to identify a group of stocks to chose from and how to chose them, how to manage your positions while trading and when to add to positions and when to run for the hills!

If you were scared by 2000, 2008, 2011 and so on then Canslim, if nothing else, can keep you OUT of the markets when things can go horribly wrong. Canslim would have gotten you into the market in 2009 when a multi-year bull market began, you would have caught some of the tech bubble and some of the housing bubble and hopefully made some great money.

Canslim keeps you in the top stocks in the market, the stocks that are growing fastest, making the most money and the stocks with the most support of large institutions. Because in the end these stocks have continuously made the largest gains throughout the history of the stock market.


Current Quarterly Earnings (25%+)


Annual Earnings over 5 years (25%+)


New Highs, Management, Products


Small Supply, Large Demand (float)


Leaders over Laggard stocks


Institutional Sponsorship


Market Direction (Up)


I know what your saying to yourself, “Nirvana…huh”. We get that, however you will soon get to know that name. Here at Cansliming we love Canslim so much we are developing an extraordinarily useful tool to help you in creating and following your OWN Canslim based rules. You see everyone trades differently and sometimes its hard to get a read on the market when you are working your full time job or you want to go to lunch or surfing or on your huge yacht and cannot afford internet access on your huge yacht. Nirvana will be your buddy, it will be your confidant, it will be your stock concierge and you will want Nirvana to be like that movie Her and that you could hear it talk back sweet things to you.

There are a lot of tools out there and trying to get them to work FOR Canslim trading is tough, you end up using 12 services to look for all kinds of indicators and screens and who knows what. Nirvana will help you do all that, it will centralize your information, your stock lists, your trading journals, your trades and your execution. As a Canslim trader we have certain criteria that we hold dear and all Brokerage houses dont really care about our needs. Nirvana will.