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Trading Education – Cansliming

Our Education section is an evolving component to our website, we are working on different content, video’s, examples and a great knowledge-base. Below you will find our Educational Terms and Concepts section, if you select a topic you will see Canslim relevant terms and concepts, click on one and you will get a pop up with an explanation about that topic, however if you select the + sign next to it the subject will be added to the “My Topics” section. You will then be able to save your favorites or things you need to look up next time you are here.


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Please Register for the site, it is free and we do not sell your information, email address, first born or anything else! It is mainly used so that you can save your Education progress, we also like to know who is using the site so that we can provide relevant content.

New to Stocks

If you are new to stocks we have a section dedicated to you! As you learn about the market in general you can move into New to Canslim. Our education section is Canslim specific so what we show will be Canslim related.

New to Canslim

If you are generally knowledgeable in stocks and would like to know more about Canslim this is a great starting point. This will give you the run down and basic concepts of Canslim and you can find some great information on Charts and chartpatterns.

Advanced Canslim

This section is about the nuances of the Canslim system, here we will show how to address things that seem to be grey areas also nuanced ways to look at charts while keeping your head in the long term game.


Is this college? No, this pays better. The stock market is very psychologically based, people trade the market so our mindsets really come into play. Its not all about earnings, chartpatterns and volume its also about how the market participants view the market.

Learning is paramount in any venture and investing in stocks is no different. Here at Cansliming we do our best to adjust our curriculum and the style of the pages to keep people informed, interested and up to date. Everyone is at different points in their investing lives, if you have been on a path to nowhere then welcome home, we can help guide you to resources as well as provide a very good understanding of the Canslim system. You should also seek out Meetups in your area to talk with like minded people as well. Good luck!